Creative Path to Practical Knowledge

Creative path to knowledge is a programme that targets students who in addition to their studies, wish to participate in “small research projects”. The focus is for these students to find creative and innovative solutions to practical challenges in the corporate sector. These students are guided by mentors offering expert support.  

The programme was created that students could gain competence and experience that are needed for transitioning from school into working life. The programme is supported by Ministry of education, science and sport and the European social fund. 

The projects include many different fields and variations depending on the field of study. The environments can be very different as well, projects range from medical to chemical laboratories to forests and faculty gardens. 

Projects that the students participate in are extremely useful since they usually help society as a whole. Previous projects include musical lessons for infants, research and development of paraplegic clothing, online application for gene data analysis and for conducting bio information procedures and many more.

There are numerous benefits for this programme, it connects students, companies and education faculties. Students gain practical knowledge, experience as well as make connections that can further advance their future careers. Companies gain help with problem solving and find employment candidates. Faculties can connect theory with practice and can practically update their study programmes. 

Competence gained from the programme include:

  • Interdisciplinary and team work 
  • Analytical and creative thinking and problem solving 
  • Corporate and organizational competence 
  • Communication skills. 

  Effects from this programme include: 

  • Increasing employability of students thanks to experience and competence
  • Actually employed students
  • Updating study syllabus. A new approach to employing young people in companies 
  • Connections students create with companies 

This programme is a great way to learn how to work as team and find new ways to deal and solve challenges which can happen in working life. Students learn useful knowledge and skills. It’s a great way for students to network and make new connections in their own professional field and find employment. 

Important results achieved from 2013-2015: 

  • more than 3.400 students included,
  • more than 500 organizations participated,
  • better cooperation between educational institutions and employers,
  • developing competence for students employability,
  • more than EUR 7.900.000 invested.


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