Human resources development

Human Resource Development

With the help of European funds, the Fund carries out various programmes which provide for the development of individuals from schooling to the end of their career path. Young people can obtain practical experience while they are still studying and the employees of all generations can acquire new knowledge and develop their competences.

Supporting companies and helping economies prosper

Since 2008, we have created various programmes to promote growth and development of knowledge, skills and lifelong learning. In cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, our institution supported a wide range of activities.

The Fund implements programmes for companies, educational institutions and individuals with the aim of promotion of growth and development of knowledge, skills and lifelong learning and also adapting to global market requirements: with higher qualification of employees and the competitiveness of enterprises and also with cooperation and networking.

By supporting competence development of young people at all levels of education, encouraging adults to gain higher education and promoting lifelong learning, stimulating investments in employee competence development, helping employees gain relevant knowledge, skills and competences and connecting educational system with economic or non-economic sector etc. we have actively contributed to positive changes for both individuals and society in general.



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