Enriching school extra-curricular activities

Even school can be fun!

The programme financially supported performance of various extra-curricular activities in primary schools. Pupils were given an opportunity to gain new skills, knowledge and develop (new) competences in a somewhat different way than they were used to. They dedicated a lot of their spare time in the afternoons, nights, and weekends and even during holidays. Pupils realized they could have fun in school.

Many pupils had an opportunity to successfully integrate in the social environment and greater support was offered to children with learning problems, also providing the possibility of psychological and social development.
Programme conceived various contents such as learning languages, computer workshops, sport activities, natural science workshops etc. Children developed their social competence (communication, communication, realizing responsibilities…), creativity and entrepreneurship (solving problems from idea to product/service development) and many others.

Important Achievements for the period 2011-2015:

  • more than 23.000 pupils attended extra-curricular activities,
  • a wide range of competence developed,
  • 400 teachers employed,
  • 50% of Slovenian primary schools included and
  • more than EUR 5.300.000 invested.

Programme was co-financed by the Ministrsty of Education, Science and Sport and the European Union under the European Social Fund.

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