Ad futura Scholarship for Study Abroad

Scholarship is granted for undergraduate or graduate study at educational institutions abroad for academic fields defined in the call for applications.

Scholarship is usually granted for living cost and tuition.

The amount of scholarship, conditions and criteria are determined in the call for applications. The call for applications also includes the application deadline and the required application documentation.

The call for applications is usually published in December for students starting or continuing studies in the following calendar year.

If so required by the call for applications, the scholarship holder must be employed with an employer with headquarters in Slovenia (or be self-employed in Slovenia) after finishing the studies. The duration of employment must in years equal the number of academic years he/she was receiving Ad futura scholarship. The details regarding the obligation of employment are defined in the Scholarship Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 56/13 and 99/13 ZUPJS-C, hereinafter referred to as Scholarship Act-1) and Regulation of awarding of Ad futura scholarship (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 76/14: hereinafter referred to as Ad future Regulations).


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